Best Bluetooth Speakers 2019: great wireless speakers to set your music free

Best Bluetooth speakers 2019: Bluetooth speakers offer a quick and easy way to stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop, delivering great sound. If you’re a music fan who’s tight on space, or regularly on the move, a wireless speaker is an essential purchase.
Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Some offer smart functionality; others portability. Some can withstand inclement conditions; others are behemoths that can function as systems themselves. So which of those features do you need? And what size of speaker should you opt for?
That’s where we at Trusted Reviews come in. We’ve trawled through all the big brands, testing the Bluetooth speakers we could find to determine which offer the best quality and value. We’re here to clear up the confusion and to stop you from purchasing a speaker that doesn’t fit your requirements. What follows are the best Bluetooth speakers that have passed through our testing rooms in recent times.

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1. Naim Mu-so 2
A bigger upgrade on the original Mu-so than it first appears

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Lovely materials and build quality
Deft sound, with real reserves of power
Plenty of functionality


Not much of an advance visually

The original Mu-so carved out a space in the wireless speaker market, delivering authentic hi-fi for a premium price.
Five years later and Naim is back with the Mu-so 2, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s more of the same. Overall appearance is similar, but the cabinet has been re-engineered, the drivers redesigned and there’s a new processor running the show.
Once again, the sound is an impressive effort, at times a ferociously loud performance that doesn’t lose a sense subtlety and deftness in its handling of music. It’s more of the same, but better.

Naim Mu-so 2 review

2. Ruark MRx
A gorgeous and well-equipped streaming speaker

Great design and build
Excellent sound
Wealth of connections
Flexible placement


The app can be a little sluggish

Our reigning wireless speaker champion, the MRx is another terrific effort from Ruark.
It looks fantastic: a stylish meld of retro looks with a modern feel. It can be placed portrait or landscape (the latter produces stereo sound), with Ruark embracing the digital age with multi-room, music streaming services and aptX Bluetooth.
And that audio performance? It’s a big effort: articulate, rich in bass, and ushering a powerful sound out of its two 75mm full-range drivers. The MRx is another pleasing speaker from the British brand.

Ruark MRx review

3. B&O Play Beolit 17
Outstanding audio from a beautifully crafted package


Huge, well-balanced sound
Projects a wide 360-degree soundstage
Looks and feels gorgeous
Neat design touches
Excellent battery life


Not cheap

B&O products don’t skimp on the design, but even by their standards the B&O Play Beolit 17 is a plush piece of kit. There’s a leather handle, plus metal grille and fixings – and a deeply dished rubber top provides a good place for your phone to sit without fear of it slipping off.
The Beolit 17 isn’t just a pretty face, though; it’s practical too. The 2200mAh battery lasts up to 24 hours from a 2.5-hour charge, and an app even tells you precisely how much juice is left. Need to charge it up? Just find a USB-C cable.
As for the sound? It’s huge – far bigger than you’d expect for a box you can carry. It’s also wide, with a 360-degree soundstage. There’s a healthy serving of bass for its size, and minimal distortion even at high volumes.

B&O Beolit 17 review

4. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2
Small gains add up to something bigger and better


Huge sound
Easy to use
13-hour battery life
Outdoor Boost is useful


Not much of note

The Wonderboom 2 improves upon the original with a number of nips and tucks.
It’s almost the same size as its predecessor, and new features come in the form of Outdoor Boost and Double Up. The former accentuates the mid-range performance and nubs the bass, so you can hear the vocals better when outside. Double Up adds stereo pairing, so long as you have another Wonderboom 2 in your possession.
And the Wonderboom 2 is another great showcase for Ultimate Ears’ signature sound. It can go incredibly loud for such a small unit, and offers plenty of welly in the low end for what is a very energetic performance. For less than £100, this is a choice pick.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 review

5. Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2
A very classy Bluetooth speaker


Amazing sound for the size
Can give a boost to TV audio
Portable option
Sumptuous build and finish
Attractive retro styling


No built-in multi-room support

Best known for its DAB radios and hi-fi systems, the Ruark MR1 Mk2 perhaps offers the best sound-per-pound in the company’s lineup.
In addition to offering truly excellent hi-fi sonics from gorgeous retro-chic cabinets, the MR1 Mk2 offers a ton of versatility. For a start there’s an optical input, so they can be hooked up to a TV to boost the audio – say, a soundbar. They have a subwoofer output for adding extra meat if you fancy that too.
Their other neat trick is the optional battery pack for 12 hours of portable playback. You don’t have to carry both speakers around, either; the battery can be bolted to one for a rucksack-friendly mono unit.

Ruark MR1 Mk2 review

Authentic hi-fi sound with wireless convenience


Decent build and finish, in a number of colours
Great wireless stability
Excellent sound from any number of sources


Short of outright scale and dynamism
More apps than should be necessary

The LSX sees KEF wring every bit of performance it can from this two-box wireless system.
Packing speakers, amplifiers and wireless connectivity into a streamline package, the watchword here is “convenience”. And with Hi-Res Audio support, access to music streaming services and AirPlay 2 and more, there are plenty of ways to play your music library.
Feed it a good-quality track and the LSX responds with gusto, its finely balanced sound delivering good bass, crisp treble and plenty of insight. If you want hi-fi without all the boxes, the LSX is as good as any contender out there.

KEF LSX review

7. Dali Katch
Elegant design, long battery life and sparkling sound


Loud, full-bodied sound with lots of bass
Terrific detail and composure
Slim-yet-solid aluminium cabinet
Eye-catching design


Plasticky mesh

If you value sound quality above all else, the Dali Katch is a Bluetooth speaker that should command your attention.
Dali has packed in some serious tech into a delightful package that ensures your music sounds its best. You’ll instantly know where all your money has gone as soon as you start playing your favourite songs. There’s an impressive level of volume on offer as well, yet it maintains its composure and control.
You also get an impressive 24 hours of battery life, meaning the party won’t stop abruptly while you’re entertaining.

Dali Katch review

8. Audio Pro A10
Sounds great and is fairly well stocked for features


Stylish looks
Composed and assured audio performance
Compact design
Easy to use


Not the widest soundstage
Bass could be stronger

The A10 takes a different route from Audio Pro’s other wireless speakers. For one, it doesn’t have the face of a Koala bear.
Instead, it employs a cylindrical design similar to the Apple HomePod. And although it doesn’t have the smarts of that speaker, it does “Work with Alexa” and is fairly well stocked for features.
The focus here is on audio quality, which it delivers in spades. While it doesn’t offer the widest of soundstages, the A10 produces a smooth, balanced and measured sound from its compact form. Whatever genre of music you throw at it, the A10 proves to be a very adept performer.

Audio Pro A10 review

9. Samsung AKG VL5
Delivers room-filling sound with detail and precision


Big, room-filling sound
Precise and detailed delivery
Effective smart app



Having bought audio brand AKG, Samsung has been using AKG’s special sauce to tune its audio products.
And so the VL speaker range was born, marrying elegant design with high-quality sound. The VL5 certainly looks swish. Its aluminium body is complemented by a wood finish, and there’s a Moving Dial that you can detach and take with you, allowing you to control the speaker from anywhere in the house.
Sound-wise the VL5 delivers a big, open soundstage that’s capable of producing a decent stereo image thanks to its width. Our only real complaint is its hefty price tag.

Samsung AKG VL5 review

10. Cambridge Audio Yoyo (L)
A gorgeously designed and well-refined speaker

Chromecast compatible
Spotify Connect
HDMI ARC for TV connection
TV remote learning, acts like a soundbar


No aptX
No AirPlay

The Yoyo (L) is more than just a Bluetooth speaker; it can function as an all-in-one speaker system.
Its versatility means you can use it as a speaker for your TV, thanks to its HDMI ARC and optical connections. The Yoyo (L) also packs in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect and built-in Chromecast functionality to satisfy your audio needs.
AirPlay isn’t included, which isn’t ideal for Apple users. Plus there’s no Bluetooth aptX either, so you won’t be able to take advantage of the superior audio quality that provides. What you do get is a big sound, with solid mids and strong bass. This is a wireless speaker that offers plenty of value.

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (L) review

11. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
One the best speakers around £50


Pretty much unbreakable
Solid battery life
Ridiculously loud


Doesn’t handle mid-range well

Ultimate Ears’ range of Bluetooth speakers are famed for their incredible volume and rugged designs, and the Wonderboom is a good example. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker to accompany you on your travels, but don’t want to spend a small fortune, then there are few that are better.
The Wonderboom comes in a range of colours and, like UE’s other speakers, it can survive submersion into water to 1m for 30 minutes, meaning it’s great for poolside use.
Sound quality is respectable for a speaker of this size, with plenty of bass. With 10 hours of battery life, it delivers respectable stamina before you need a charge.

UE Wonderboom review

12. JBL Charge 3
Sturdy sound and build make this a solid choice


Sturdy build
Weighty sound
Decent waterproofing
Doubles as a portable charger


 A little on the heavy side
 Mid-range can be hit and miss

A battery pack with a speaker built in, or a speaker with a battery pack built in? Either way, you can listen to tunes and keep your phone juiced at the same time with the JBL Charge 3’s 6000mAh battery.
What’s more, you can do that at the pool and not worry about killing the speaker, because its IPX7 rating means it will survive a dunking, accidental or otherwise, since it is able to withstand 1m of water for 30 minutes.
Despite the shape, it isn’t a 360-degree speaker. Sit in front of it and you’ll enjoy a good performance with well-controlled bass and a crisp, taut treble. It’s a nicely balanced sound – which might lack excitement at low volumes; this speaker is best served loud.

JBL Charge 3 review

13. Ultimate Ears Blast
Great sound for a smart speaker


Great sound by smart speaker standards
Rugged design
Decent battery life


Low end can be a little fat
Still some issues with Alexa smart features

If you want the smart features of an Amazon Echo, but with better-than-decent audio, the Ultimate Ears Blast is the speaker for you.
Featuring a robust, waterproof design, incredible volume plus built-in Alexa support, the only downside is that its bass can be a little warbly for genres that require more precision.
Even so, the Blast is a great choice for people looking for an indestructible smart speaker.

Ultimate Ears Blast review

14. Fender Monterey
An über-chic Bluetooth speaker with excellent sonics


It looks like an amp!
Physical EQ knobs
Expansive, detailed sound
Decent stereo effect


Sounds harsh at high volume
No optical input

When is a guitar amp not a guitar amp? When it’s a Bluetooth speaker. Fender has three guitar amp-themed speakers, with the Fender Monterey the larger, mains-powered unit.
It really looks like a classic Fender guitar amp, from the cloth grille to the faux-leather skin. The whole unit feels beautifully built, and it’s deceptively heavy. The working EQ knobs are a particularly nice touch.
It sounds great, too. It displays impressive scale from such a small box, and it reaches high volumes with little distortion. There’s even some decent stereo separation going on. Whether you’re a rocker or a rocker in spirit, there’s plenty to love here.

Fender Monterey review

15. Denon Envaya
A great all-rounder


Big, balanced sound
Good max volume


Fiddly buttons

Sometimes it’s better to do one thing and do it well. The Denon Envaya doesn’t have all the tricks of the latest smart speakers, but it does excel at sound. It sounds good played quiet or loud, and displays a fine balance between power and control.
There’s a remarkable amount of low-end heft for its size. Mid-range definition and projection is excellent, with vocal detail being a particular highlight. Low-volume performance is often a struggle, but the Envaya excels at that, too. All that, and the speaker looks super-smart. This is one that fits in nicely whether at home or covered in mud at a festival.

Denon Envaya review

Affordable and surprisingly good


Plenty of power
Good amount of bass
EQ adjustment
Good value
3.5mm input


Battery pack sold separately (Eneby 20)
No controls to pause or skip tracks

Can a furniture shop make good Bluetooth speakers? Actually, yes, it can. The IKEA Eneby speakers cost under £100 and are a little basic, but they sound better than speakers £45 and up. There’s no shortage of volume or power, and there’s no sign of distortion either. There’s a good amount of bass thanks to the not-really-portable cabinet sizes.
This speaker is designed to go nicely with the IKEA Kallax and Eket shelving units. If you want a bit of music, your budget is small, and you’re not fussy about having the latest tech, check it out.

IKEA Eneby review

17. Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen
A high-quality smart speaker


Smart new looks
Decent audio
Useful smart home hub and temperature sensor


Limited number of supported smart home devices

The original Echo Plus delivered a hit-and-miss performance and was on the expensive side for what it offered. That can’t be said about the Echo Plus 2nd Gen.
Amazon has remedied a number of problems that affected the original, with a more attractive finish and, more importantly, much-improved audio performance.
While it still can’t match the likes of Apple, Audio Pro or Sonos, factor in its decent audio, cheaper price and smart features and the Echo Plus fulfils the potential of the original.

Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen review

18. Creative Muvo 2C
A great miniature Bluetooth speaker


Decent bass in a tiny package
Jammed-full of features
Small, and not too expensive


Limited fidelity mids
Battery lasts only 6 hours

The Creative Muvo 2c is a good choice for those looking for a compact speaker. It costs less than £40 and packs in useful features including a built-in MP3 player. A passive bass radiator means it also has some serious oomph for a speaker of its size.
It’s splash-proof, and you can even plug it into your laptop over USB. The unit will work as an external soundcard as well as speaker, and it will sound much better than your laptop’s speakers.
A battery life of 5-6 hours isn’t great, but understandable given its size. It comes in four vibrant finishes and if you buy two then you can even pair them in stereo mode.

Creative Muvo 2c review

How we test the best Bluetooth speakers
We play a lot of music, and we play it loud. We play it everywhere – in the house, in the garden, and even in the bath if a speaker is waterproof.
We don’t just listen to the speakers; if there are special features then we make sure we fiddle with them until we’re satisfied. Recently, some Bluetooth speakers have begun to get smart functionality with the integration of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and as a result we’ve started speaking to our speakers as well.
Of course, it always comes back to the music. Speakers are tested by reviewers who have a love of music, a knowledge of sound quality, as well as a context of the market. We’ll listen to Bluetooth speakers alongside similarly priced rivals, so when we recommend a particular model, it’s among the best you can buy for the money.
Obviously, we know not everyone has the same taste in music, so we won’t only test with the same perfectly mastered album, but with a variety of genres and file qualities, from MP3 to Hi-Res FLAC.
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