We really really want Google Maps' new restaurant deals feature to come to the UK

Google has announced a brilliant-sounding new feature for Google Maps called ‘Offers’, but it’s tantalising out of reach. 
The feature lets you easily find restaurant deals, so you can dine out on the cheap, however, it’s not yet available to users based in the UK.
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“Everyone loves a good deal, but keeping track of offers from newspaper clippings or email announcements or through multiple apps can be hard – and lead to a bulging wallet. That’s why we’ve added a way to discover local offers, starting with restaurants,” Google Maps’ Krish Vitaldevara and Chandu Thota wrote in a blog post.
“We are launching an Offers section where you can find deals and claim them at restaurants across the top 11 Indian metros. Simply tap the ‘Offers’ shortcut in the Explore tab or filter for restaurants with offers.
“We’re launching this feature in partnership with EazyDiner, where you can now find offers for over 4,000 restaurants and hope to add many more categories and partners soon.”

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Sadly, Google Maps Offers is currently only available in India, but there’s hope that it’ll roll out in more locations in the future, with the blog post adding: “Google Maps has a long history of building India-first features”.
Also new to Maps in India is the ‘For You’ tab, which notifies you when a restaurant that it thinks you’ll like opens in an area that’s relevant to you. Google says it works this out with the aid of machine learning, which will based its picks on data including restaurants you’ve rated, cuisines you’ve liked, and places you’ve visited.
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Google has also made Maps’ existing ‘Explore’ feature easier to access, by dedicating a new tab to it. Open it and you’ll be presented with seven options: Restaurants, Petrol Pumps, ATMs, Offers, Shopping, Hotels, and Medical Shops.
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