Twitter Down: Major outage underway [UPDATE: It's back]

The failbot is backUPDATE: Normal service has been resumed as of 3:45pm EST. Twitter is up and running and the President of the United States can get back to saying awful things again now.
Here’s AP reporter Jonathan Lemire with his take:

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Impossible to miss that just as President Trump's social media summit was set to begin, Twitter went down.
— Jonathan Lemire (@JonLemire) July 11, 2019

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Original story below…
Social media service Twitter appears to be experiencing a major outage on Thursday afternoon.
Those attempting to access tweets via the mobile app, desktop website and the Tweetdeck service are receiving error messages. Meanwhile, users are unable to send tweets via all three mediums.
The Down Detector website is currently showing more than 67,000 reports of outages from around the world. The live outage map shows the issue is centralised in the US, UK and Japan right now, with mild hotspots in Brazil and mainland Europe.
Reports are pretty well spread over the desktop (51%) and mobile (iOS 29%, Android 18%).
If you attempt to load on the desktop, you’ll see the ‘something is wrong’ message with the Failbot (bring back the Fail Whale we say!) image shown above. On mobile, you’ll see the message ‘tweets aren’t loaded right now.’
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Attempting to send a tweet via the mobile app will prompt the message ‘we’re sorry, we weren’t able to send your tweet,’ with an option to try again, or save the tweets to drafts.
Twitter is yet to publicly comment on the issue, so it’s not clear what is causing the problems at this stage. We’ve reached out to the firm for comment and will update this post if a response is forthcoming.
The outage comes following a major outage at rival Facebook earlier this month. The firm’s Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram platforms experienced issues that ran into two days. The bad month continued for major tech providers, with Apple’s iCloud suffering a major outage on July 4.
Hopefully, Twitter will be back up before too much longer.
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