The Big Show Just Got His Own Netflix Sitcom Called The Big Show Show

A WWE wrestler is heading to Netflix. Who is it? Well, it’s The Big Show Show. 
The aptly named The Big Show Show will be a half-hour family sitcom, and it’s set to start filming in Los Angeles on August 9 this year.
The larger-than-life wrestler will be playing a fictionalised version of himself, who’s tasked with the suburban feat of living with his wife and two daughters after he retires.
Despite standing at a monstrous 7ft and weighing 400 pounds, he finds himself outnumbered and outwitted.
George McKay
The sitcom is the brainchild of WWE studios and writers Josh Bycel and Jason Berger, who will also serve as showrunners. The pilot season is set for 10 episodes.
Starring alongside Big Show (real name Paul Wight) is Allison Munn (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn), Reylynn Caster (American Housewife), Juliet Donenfeld (Pete the Cat), and Lily Brooks O’Briant (The Tick).
Big Show is an iconic figure in the WWE. From his beginnings in World Championship Wrestling, he was soon introduced as The Giant, aka the son of André the Giant. He’s had a fruitful career, winning both the WWF/WWE and the WCW world heavyweight titles – only one of nine wrestlers to do so.
Miguel Discart/Wikimedia
However, he’s not been in the ring much in recent years. His latest match was on a November 2018 edition of SmackDown, teaming with The Bar against The New Day. At the age of 47, you can’t be surprised he’s seeking out new ways to stay in the entertainment game.
He’s no stranger to the screen though: as well as starring alongside The Rock in Fighting With My Family, he’s had roles in Jingle All The Way and The Waterboy.
Lionsgate UK
Considering WWE Studios last major theatrical effort with Fighting With My Family, which told the story of wrestling superstar Paige, they’ll be wanting to keep active with productions. They are currently working on The Main Event, a family film also for Netflix.
While the premise of the sitcom is nothing new, there’s plenty of potential with Big Show’s giant charisma at the show’s core. Crank it up!
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