PlayStation Plus Games For August 2019 Announced

PlayStation has announced which titles will be gracing the lineup of free PlayStation Plus games for August 2019. Well, I say “lineup”. Can you call two games a lineup? I’m not so sure. 
Regardless, the two free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the humid, endlessly unpleasant month of August are Wipeout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4. One is a futuristic racing game, the other involves using a sniper rifle to kill people. Can you guess which is which?
Check out the reveal trailer below.

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A supposed leak from earlier in July claimed that the two free games for August would be Star Wars Battlefront 2 and UFC 3, though we can obviously see now that this wasn’t the case. Never trust a leak. Apart from those times when you kind of can.
Both of the actual games for August are genuinely fantastic titles worthy of your attention if you haven’t already checked them out, and the two together make for a much better duo than last month’s picks, which were drenched in controversy.
This was mostly due to the fact that PlayStation dared to include PES 2019 as one of the free games, which really didn’t go down well with the fans. It wasn’t long before Sony pulled the Konami football title in favour of Detroit: Become Human, which joined arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo to form the very definition of “meh.”
While most assumed the removal of PES 2019 was a direct response to fan feedback, this hasn’t been confirmed – though Konami did make it very clear that the decision was nothing to do with them.
Fortunately, I don’t anticipate anyone having a problem with the free games for August. I hope not anyway. I can’t quite handle Sniper Elite 4 being pulled for another David Cage game.
You’ll be able to add Wipeout and Sniper Elite 4 to your library from August 6, after which you’ll be able to keep them and re-download them for free at any time, provided you’re still paying your PS Plus subscription fee.
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