Man Suffers Horrific Injuries Inflicted By Cops During Traffic Stop

Tucker Moore Group/alnuke/Instagram
A civil rights lawyer has accused several white police officers in Mississippi of brutally beating his client during a recent arrest.
Attorney Carlos Moore yesterday (July 29) released a photograph of David T. Logan, who could be seen sitting with his hands behind his back with a bloodied face and one eye swollen shut.
According to the attorney, law enforcement officers from Water Valley and Yalobusha County beat Logan while he was unarmed and wearing handcuffs.
Moore posted a picture of Logan to Facebook:

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I have been retained by David T. Logan who was unarmed and beaten while in handcuffs by officers of the Water Valley…
Posted by Carlos Moore on Monday, July 29, 2019

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The shocking photo, which shows Logan with blood dripping down his face and onto his bare chest, was allegedly taken after the incident on July 18.
Moore said yesterday that 28-year-old Logan did walk away from officers but he wasn’t running when he was apprehended shortly before midnight during a driver’s licence checkpoint in Water Valley.
According to the Associated Press, Moore said officers used a stun gun and beat Logan, who had to be treated at two hospitals for a broken bone near one eye. ‘They roughed him up to the extent that he was out of his clothes,’ Moore said.
The attorney went on to say Logan now has double vision and sleeping problems. However, Sheriff Lance Humphreys is strongly defending the officers who took the man into custody, saying there is much more to the arrest than the attorney is putting across.
Tucker Moore Group
As per WTVA, Humphreys claims officers attempted to arrest Logan because he had no driver’s licence on his person and dropped a bag which appeared to have illegal drugs in it.
Upon attempting to arrest Logan, the sheriff says he resisted, kicking and hitting officers before even trying to physically run over one of them. The sheriff went on to say a taser used on Logan to subdue him had no effect, until eventually the officers were able to put handcuffs on him.
It was at this point, Humphreys claims, Logan attempted to get away for a second time, again trying to physically run over an officer while wearing handcuffs. One of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents working at the driver’s licence checkpoint allegedly helped officers finally get Logan under control, the sheriff said.
Yalobusha County Sheriff Department
The officers who were there to witness the incident reportedly told Humphreys they had never encountered anyone with that kind of strength before, and suspected Logan was under the influence of drugs such as ecstasy or pure methamphetamine.
Humphreys said Logan is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Logan’s attorney said no lawsuit has been filed yet but notices of claims will be sent Wednesday (July 31).
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