Grado launches limited edition on-ears in 'The White Headphone'

Grado Labs has announced a new pair of headphones in the special edition ‘The White Headphone’, which will be available from August onwards in limited quantities. 
It’s rare you get a pair of headphones that don’t come in matte black or metallic grey finishes. Grado Labs have noticed this and bucked that trend by launching an eye-catching pair of cans in ‘The White Headphone’.
They’re special versions of the existing SR325e Prestige Series headphones. Hand-crafted at the company’s headquarters in the Brooklyn, New York, The White Headphone are a showcase for Grado’s attention to detail and approach to sound.
They employ a brushed aluminium housing to dampen distortion and they also makes use of an 8 conductor cable, which exerts control in the upper and lower ranges of the frequency spectrum to provide support for the midrange performance.
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The ‘White’ aspect of the headphones becomes apparent in the clean white accent that features on the earcups, which help make for a very striking pair of headphones that should get the wearer noticed during a the trip to the supermarket. They’re also likely a reference to, and inspired by, The Beatles White Album, released towards the end of the ’60s which also featured a unique design for its album sleeve.
Since they’re the special versions of the SR325e, they’ll likely furnish the listener with a smooth, detailed and open-backed sound. And in time-honoured Grado tradition, they’ll mix musical audio quality with a retro vibe, thanks to its contrast-stitched top-grain leather headband.
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Grado Labs President and CEO John Grado said: “Inspired by one of our family’s favourite records, The White Headphone by Grado commemorates the power that an album − or even just a single song − may have on a person’s life.”
The White Headphone go on sale in August, for £795.
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