Florida Mum Arrested After Filming Daughter Licking Doctor’s Equipment And Putting It Back

A mum from Florida has been arrested after filming her daughter licking equipment at a medical clinic before putting it back.
The original Snapchat footage shows a sign which reads ‘Please do not touch medical supplies! Thank you’. A young girl can then be seen licking a tongue depressor before putting in back in the canister with the other depressors.
The video was taken by the girl’s mother, 30-year-old Cori Ward, at the All About Kids and Families Medical Center in in Jacksonville, Florida. Ward and her daughter captioned the clip, ‘Don’t tell me how to live my life’.

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As reported by NBC News, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office records reveal Ward was arrested on a felony charge of tampering with a consumer product without regard for possible death or bodily injury.
NBC News have reported how Ward attempted to defend her actions over Facebook, before seemingly deleting her account:
The video doesn’t show that the items were thrown away or anything else that happened,
I posted this on my personal Snapchat with my 20-something friends, where someone allowed another person to video it. I didn’t post it on Facebook or YouTube as a challenge or whatever.
Speaking with News4Jax, Ward confirmed she had been the one to take the video before posting it to Snapchat.
The video reportedly went viral after it was uploaded to the ‘Only in Duval’ Facebook page.

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Speaking with News4Jax, Ward expressed her regrets about the incident, stating:
I had just been waiting a long time, I was just being silly with my kids.
She added:
It’s ruined my life right now. That’s how I feel at least.
Ward has spoken of her concerns regarding the arrest, and how this will affect her children. She is apparently fearful about the possibility of her children being taken away from her. If Ward is convicted, she may face a prison sentence of up to 30 years and a fine of $10,000.

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I spoke to Cori Ward yesterday. She apologized and said she regretted taking the video. @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews pic.twitter.com/duVnVOMKsw
— Beth Rousseau (@BethANJax) July 11, 2019

Representatives from All About Kids and Families Medical Center have since confirmed the video was indeed captured in one of their consultation rooms.
The medical centre has released the following statement, as reported by Fox News:
We were notified yesterday that a patient violated our trust with behavior that is inconsistent with the practices and standards that we uphold and expect at our facility, Upon notification of this isolated incident, we contacted law enforcement to request a full and thorough investigation.
In addition, we immediately removed all materials and container from the specific exam room and re-sanitized our entire facility. Our internal investigation does not reveal any resulting risks or harm to patients from this action.
This type of behavior is not tolerated at All About Kids and Families Medical Center, Each year, we serve thousands of patients, and providing quality care and ensuring their safety is our top priority.

The mom of 5 is now charged with tampering with consumer products without regard for possible death/bodily injury. @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews pic.twitter.com/RHFmqIX0iY
— Beth Rousseau (@BethANJax) July 11, 2019

The video comes in the wake of a grim viral trend which has seen people licking ice cream and spitting into mouthwash bottles before sharing the footage online.
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