Cop Causes Major Crash, Arrests Driver To Cover Up Mistake

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A police officer who caused a crash by running a stop sign immediately arrested the other driver in an attempt to cover up his wrongdoing. 
The unnamed officer was driving in an unmarked silver car towards the corner of Livernois and Cadet Street in southwest Detroit on July 3 when he ignored the stop sign and carried on cruising through the intersection.
Carlos Martinez, driving a red car, approached the intersection at the same time and collided with the side of the officer’s SUV, knocking it off the road.
Video surveillance from a neighbour’s house showed the Michigan State Police officer running the sign:

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After the crash, the officer got out of the SUV and ordered Martinez to the ground before handcuffing him.
Martinez’s mother, Maria, recalled the situation to Fox News, claiming the officer never once asked her son if he was okay despite the fact he was involved in the dramatic crash.

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She said:
All he kept saying was ‘you hit a cop, you hit a cop, you hit a cop,’ and at no moment say ‘how are you, are you okay’. No, they just handcuffed him like a criminal.
[Carlos] told him call my parents, call my mother. The police officer say ‘you’re 27 years old, you’re old enough, you don’t need no parents and plus you don’t have no rights right now.’
[Carlos] has no criminal history. He’s not a criminal, he’s never been in gangs. You don’t treat people like that. We’re human beings.

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Both drivers reportedly sustained minor injuries after the crash. Martinez suffered scratches and bruises, while the police officer was treated for a broken rib and collar bone.
The officer was also travelling with another passenger, who was transported, evaluated and released for minor injuries.
One witness told Fox News:
The grey car was in the wrong. They didn’t stop. Unfortunately, it was the police but they were in the wrong.

Fox 2 News

After reviewing both the black box from the officer’s undercover vehicle and security footage Michigan State Police confirmed the officer failed to stop at the stop sign.
The police are investigating both the crash and the officer’s conduct following the accident.
The officer is reportedly currently out on medical leave. Martinez is currently not facing any charges pending the outcome of Michigan State Police’s investigation.
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