Google has created a game that lets you build games – no coding experience required

Games allow their players to live different lives, experience new adventures and to develop skills they might not have in their daily lives – but what if your dream is to make your own game? Google Game Builder allows you to bring your weirdest and wildest game ideas to life, no coding experience required.
The idea behind Game Builder is to teach players how to create their own virtual words with no programming experience and no knowledge of 3D art creation. Google announced the game on the company’s blog yesterday and it is available to download now on Steam.
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Game Builder is designed to make programming a game feel like a full interactive game in its own right. Gamers should find that the process feels surprisingly intuitive to them as they follow typical game actions only to watch their ideas come together in real time.
The best part is that players won’t have to hole themselves up in their room and work for days to see results. With Game Builder’s multiplayer modes, you can work together with friends and family and even let them have a go at the game as you work on it. Building games becomes a collaborative and social activity for friends and these features allow you to receive feedback on your creation as you go.
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Creating characters in Google Game Builder is easy. Just head over to Google Poly to choose from thousands of 3D models and drop them directly into your own game.
Rather than leaving you to struggle through the coding stage on your own, Game Builder presents players with a card-based visual programming system. The system displays prompts such as ‘how do I move?’ for players to answer and actions follow after if statements in a simplified version of popular programming languages. There are cards to make platforms move, display scoreboards, use healing potions and zoom around the map in a car.
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There is even an option to build your own cards, More advanced users can use the Game Builder’s real-time JavaScript API to run almost everything in the game. The code is all live too so there’s no need to compile it before you go.
Google Game Builder is available now free via Early Access on Steam.
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