Dropbox has undergone a major redesign – including an all-new app

Dropbox is introducing a bunch of new features and an all-new desktop app to help boost productivity and collaboration for all of its users.
On Tuesday, Dropbox announced that it would be rolling out updates to improve its website and transform it into ‘a single workplace to organize your content, connect your tools, and bring everyone together’.
The update includes an all-new desktop app as well as huge improvements to the site and mobile app. Dropbox claims that the desktop app will be a ‘completely new experience’ for its users while the company’s other services have also been gifted with tons of new features.
Dropbox has taken steps to properly integrates its users cloud content with traditional files. You can now create, access and share cloud content the same way you can traditional files. This includes Google services such as Docs, Sheets and Slides as well as Microsoft Office files.
Users can create shortcuts and bookmarks for their favourite websites and search across all of their content using one single search bar.
Dropbox already benefits from integrations with tools from companies like Adobe, Salesforce, Autodesk and Google. The company has added three more key integrations to its site: Slack, Zoom and Atlassian.
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Users can use Slack to start conversations and share content within channels, Zoom to add and join video conferences and share files and Atlassian to manage projects and content all from directly within the Dropbox site. This allows users to streamline their work process and limits the need to switch between tabs when you’re hard at work.
Dropbox has also committed to improving its collaboration experience by adding some really useful features to folders. Users can now add descriptions, pin key content, @mention others and assign to-do lists in a handy little work space stored right within a folder. There is also an option to share comments alongside content on desktop, web and mobile.
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The new team activity feed allows users to track file activity by notifying them of the important stuff as it happens. This includes viewer info as well as team collaboration updates on Dropbox content in the Slack and Zoom apps.
Dropbox’s new desktop app is available now via the early access program and the company will be rolling out the rest of the features on its website over the next few weeks. You can also choose to opt out of the new desktop app if you think you’d rather stick with the simple desktop folder option.
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