The Pixel 4 will borrow the Galaxy S10’s worst feature

Google’s fabled Pixel 4 flagship smartphone will borrow one of the Galaxy S10’s worst features, according to yet another unsubstantiated leak.
The leak stemmed from YouTube channel Front Page Tech, which reported an undisclosed source familiar with the matter had leaked a number details about the Pixel 4 on Thursday.
Most of the leaks related to the Pixel 4’s design. Specifically it suggested the Pixel 4 will have an Infinity-O-like display. Branding aside, this would mean it will have the same hole punch design front camera as the Galaxy S10.

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We’ve never been fans of the hole punch solution, which embeds a phones front camera into the display. This is because, while it looks fine when the screen is off, it quickly becomes an annoyance when you’re watching movies or playing games on the phone, creating a black hole zone in the screen.
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The leak also suggested the Pixel 4 will have an in-screen fingerprint scanner. This is a fairly common feature these days seen on a number of flagships, including the Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro. The fabled iPhone 11 is also rumoured to feature an in-screen reader.
Google unveiled its mid-range Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL mid range phones earlier in May. The phones feature similar designs to the Google Pixel 3. We here at Trusted Towers are fairly fond of the phone’s minimalist designs, but understand a significant number of people find them fairly dull. It would make sense for Google to give its Pixel phones a design overhaul as a result.
None of this is official  and Google has a strict policy of not commenting on rumour and speculation. We’d take the leak with a pinch of salt though. Most of the information in the report could be guessed and the source doesn’t have a huge track record leaking phone information.
Whatever happens Google’s next Pixel phone will have some pretty stiff competition when it launches. OnePlus launched its stellar OnePlus 7 Pro handset earlier this week. The phone features cutting edge tech, including a nifty 90Hz screen. The Galaxy S10 is also a stellar handset and our current favourite Android flagship.
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