Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference: Everything we want to see from the Xbox Briefing

E3 2019 is set to be a huge event for Microsoft, with rumours circulating that it will finally be spilling the beans on its next-generation machine, currently known as the Xbox 2. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has described it as their biggest show ever, so expectations are high for the gaming giant to deliver.
So, without further delay, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference including how to watch it, all the big games, and what we’d love to see.
Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference Times – When is it?
This year, Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference will take place on June 9th at 9pm BST/1pm PT. Expect the conference itself to weigh in at roughly two hours if previous shows are any indication.
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Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference – How to watch the big event
You will be able to catch all of the action as it happens through Microsoft’s Twitch and YouTube channels.
It will also be available via Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming service, if you fancy watching it from the comfort of your Xbox. There might even be some giveaways planned, although we’ll know more closer to the time.
Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference wishlist – What we want to see
Details on Xbox 2
If mountains of rumours and speculation are anything to go by, E3 2019 will see the curtain finally lifted on the next generation of hardware from Microsoft. More specifically, this will come in the form of Xbox 2 (or whatever they end up calling it).
We want to see Microsoft announce a bunch of details on the hardware specs, console design and more ahead of a presumed 2020 release. Not only would it make the conference an incredibly exciting showcase, it would also whet our appetite for a new generation of gaming goodness.
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A much-needed Halo Infinite update
Halo 5 Guardians launched almost four years ago, marking the longest wait for a new Halo experience in history. Sadly, the Master Chief Collection finally coming to PC isn’t the same as a fully-fledged sequel.
343 Industries has confirmed that the story of Master Chief and Cortana will be continued in Halo Infinite, meaning it will essentially act as the sixth chapter. As for Infinite, perhaps Microsoft is hoping to mould Halo into a live-service sort of product for Xbox?
Either way, given the time remaining before we expect Xbox 2 to release, perhaps we will see it as a launch title for the new console? All will (hopefully) be revealed at E3.
Playground Games and Fable 4
Rumours have been swirling about the place regarding Fable 4 for years now. Following the closure of Lionhead Studios and cancellation of Fable Legends, many assumed that the fantasy series was dead and buried for good, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Playground Games, who are responsible for the stellar Forza Horizon series, has split in two to tackle the racing series and a fourth instalment in the Fable series simultaneously. It’s almost an open secret at this point, so we’d love to see a juicy reveal trailer at E3 2019.
A glimpse at our cloud gaming future
Microsoft has already begun teasing Project xCloud during recent events, showcasing some of its exclusive titles being streamed directly to a smartphone. While we aren’t a fan of playing on tiny screens like that, the option to stream to any compatible display or device definitely sounds exciting.
Sony and Microsoft also announced recently that it would partner to build more prosperous cloud technology using Azure, which sounds like a way of them taking on the technological giant that is Google Stadia. No matter how you slice it, streaming will definitely be a part of many conversations at E3 2019.
What’s on your wishlist of announcements for Microsoft at E3 2019? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @trustedreviews. 
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