Best Google Pixel 3a Deals: Time Running Out to Get Your Free Chromebook or Google Home Smart Speaker

Find the latest deals that make the Google Pixel 3a’s already low £399 price point even more appealing all at your convenience.
Joining the likes of Apple and the iPhone XR, or Samsung’s Galaxy A80, Google has stepped up to the plate to offer its smartphone on a budget. If like a lot of us you’re not quite ready to drop a grand on the latest top-spec smartphone, the Pixel 3a makes a name in its own right as the budget-friendly alternative to big brother, Google’s Pixel 3.
With a starting price of just £399, you can expect even better value for money on a device that brings together some of the Pixel 3’s most impressive features. But, first things first, you’ve come to us for a great deal and, with this new release, there’s plenty!
Given that the Pixel 3a price starts at just £399, the phone already provides great value for money, but with these fantastic deals you’ll save even more of your hard earned cash. The standout offer by far is the free Acer Chromebook laptop (worth £199) that you can get with each preorder.
If building a Google ecosystem is more your cup of tea however then you’ll love EE’s offer, which grants a free Google Home Hub to anyone who signs up to one of their Pixel 3a contracts – while stocks last of course.
If you want to know more about the Pixel 3a, just scroll down to see our quick guide on the phone. To see more of the best Pixel 3a deals and discounts, you’re already in the right place.

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Best Pixel 3a Deals – Best Pixel 3a Price

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Best Pixel 3a DealsGoogle Pixel 3a – 5GB of data on Vodafone w/ Free Acer Chromebook LaptopWith 5GB of data and unlimited calls and texts, you have everything you’ll need in one easy phone plant. The best part, though? As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get a free Acer Chromebook for your troubles. Talk about a|£9.99 upfront w/code|£26/monthView Deal£26/month|£9.99 upfront w/code| Pixel 3a – 9GB of data on EE w/ Free Acer Chromebook worth £199Giving you a moderate amount of data (enough for plenty of social media and the odd bit of streaming), this contract also gets you the free Acer Chromebook. Plus, signing up with EE nabs your six months of Apple Music and three months of BT Sport for free.Carphone Warehouse|£29 upfront|£29.99/monthView Deal£29.99/month|£29 upfront|Carphone WarehouseGoogle Pixel 3a – 10GB of data on EE w/ Free Google Home HubFor anyone who’s looking to buy into Google’s ecosystem of devices and smart products, this is the deal for you. Bagging you a brand new Google Home Hub for free, this is one of the best Pixel 3a bundles out there.EE|£10 upfront|£34/monthView Deal£34/month|£10 upfront|EE

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Google Pixel 3a – Everything you need to know

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Everything that appeals in the Pixel 3 can be found in the Pixel 3a. Swap an original price of £739 for £399, though, and you’ve got to ask what’s missing? Well, unlike the Pixel 3’s 845 Pixel Core processor, the Pixel 3a’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 will mean the handset runs marginally slower.
For those who like an aesthetically pleasing, sharp device, it’s worth noting the plastic exterior used in placement for the Pixel 3’s high-class soft-touch glass back design. That said the cheaper materials don’t retract from what is a smart-looking phone. And, let’s face it, what you don’t get in style you get in incredible features and, really, isn’t that what the battle to be the best smartphone is all about?
Offering a larger display by .1 of an inch at 5.6-inches, the Pixel 3a trumps the Pixel 3’s fractionally smaller size. Although you lose the dual front camera, the Pixel 3a is loaded up with all the state of the art rear camera technologies rated in the Pixel 3. And, as a bigger handset, it’ll allow you to see the likes of Night Sight, Top Shot and Portrait Mode put to work, all with its 12.2 MP rear camera.

Achieve Instagram-worthy shots in low light conditions with Night Sight and get a kick not only out of a clear image, but the sheer vibrancy of colours you’re able to achieve in even the poorest of lighting — every self-confessed smartphone photographers worst nightmare. Shoot in Portrait Mode and worry about the finished product later with the ability to alter depth. Or really make an image pop keeping your subject in colour and setting the background into black and white.
Can we also just give a shout out to Google for re-introducing a 3.5mm audio jack? We weren’t ready for it to leave and are pretty chuffed that it’s back. Taking into consideration those who are in the market for a more budget-friendly smartphone probably aren’t the types to splash out on a pair of wireless headphones (and no one really wants to faff around with a headphone adaptor), the Pixel 3a is an instant winner in that respect.
It also comes with the same fast charging capabilities as the Pixel 3, boasting 30 hours of non-stop smartphone play. Not to mention it’ll be one of the first elite smartphones to run the new operating system, Android Q.

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