Best iPhone XS Deals: Where to preorder

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals: Apple has revealed the direct successor to the iPhone X with the iPhone XS. Before it heads to store shelves, we’ve collected the best iPhone XS pre-order deals for you.
Despite the implications of its new name, the iPhone XS is not a smaller version of the iPhone X (could have fooled me) but rather a full-blown follow-up to Apple’s flagship device.
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On the surface, the iPhone XS might not seem like much of an upgrade, keeping the now iconic notch that we’ve come to associate with Apple. Inside, there are plenty of new tricks. To learn all about what’s new with the iPhone XS, scroll past our deals section to check out our run-down of the phone’s specs.
If you’re ready to roll on pre-ordering a brand new iPhone XS then take a gander at our selection of the very best pre-order deals that can be found right now.
SIM-free prices of the iPhone XS will start at £999/$999. Be sure to bookmark this page as additional information will appear in the coming days.

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – Three
For high-data contracts, Three offers great value for money. All Three customers get access to a variety of additional features such as Go Binge, which allows you to use apps like Netflix and Apple Music at no cost to your data. Freebies app Wuntu adds another cherry on top, giving you weekly deals and offers as a thank you for signing up.
The standout in Three’s collection is the unlimited data contract for just £59 a month and a low upfront cost of only £99. Couple that with Go Binge and you have an amazing offer for data junkies.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 4GB, £47/month with £250 upfront on Three
iPhone XS Pre-order: Unlimited Data, £59/month with £99 upfront on Three

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – O2
Much like Three’s Wuntu app, the O2 priority service offers some incredible reasons to sign up. Weekly deals can range from something as small as a free coffee and move up to priority booking for gigs at O2 venues. For music buffs, O2 is a solid choice.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 20GB, £58.67/month with £59.99 upfront on O2
iPhone XS Pre-order: 50GB, £63.50/month with £29.99 upfront on O2
iPhone XS Pre-order: 100GB, £67.50/month with £29.99 upfront on O2

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – Sky Mobile
The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max will are available through Sky Mobile’s swap12 and swap24 programmes. Here are the details for each plan:

Swap12: Existing Sky Mobile customers can trade in their device for the latest smartphone each year.
Swap24: An alternate plan for existing Sky Mobile customers, allowing them to trade in their phone every two years and get the lowest possible monthly price (with no upfront) on a new device.

With the Swap24 plan in particularly, you can save a ton of money by not having to fork out for an upfront cost – definitely worthy of you consideration if you’re strapped for cash right now and don’t mind going for a low-data contract.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 3GB, £49/month with no upfront on Sky Mobile (Swap24 plan)
iPhone XS Pre-order: 8GB, £52/month with no upfront on Sky Mobile (Swap24 plan)
iPhone XS Pre-order: 20GB, £57/month with no upfront on Sky Mobile (Swap 24 plan)

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – Vodafone
Vodafone recently expanded its roaming service to include 29 new countries (such as the USA and Canada), giving its customers the chance to use their minutes at data at no extra cost abroad. Any customers who have a iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus handy to trade in can save a ton of money (and receive additional data) with Vodafone’s iPhone XS contracts.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 26GB, £56/month with £29 upfront on Vodafone (with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus trade in)
iPhone XS Pre-order: 42GB, £63/month with £29 upfront on Vodafone (with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus trade in)
iPhone XS Pre-order: 26GB, £66/month with £29 upfront on Vodafone

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – Virgin Media
Virgin Media has some of the best network coverage up and down the country, making it a perfect choice for anyone who values a strong signal above anything else. Virgin Media is also able to boast having one of the cheapest contracts available right now in the UK for the iPhone XS, coming in at just £41 a month with no upfront cost – an absolute bargain for those without heavy wallets.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 1GB, £41/month with no upfront on Virgin Media
iPhone XS Pre-order: 6GB, £44/month with no upfront on Virgin Media
iPhone XS Pre-order: 15GB, £47/month with no upfront on Virgin Media
iPhone XS Pre-order: 50GB, £50/month with no upfront on Virgin Media

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – EE
One of the major new features touted for both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max is the addition of Dual SIM capabilities. As one of the few mobile networks with E-SIM capabilities, EE is one of your best bets if you want to use two SIM’s on the go.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 20GB, £78/month with £70 upfront on EE
iPhone XS Pre-order: 100GB, £88/month with £10 upfront on EE

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – Carphone Warehouse
Rising handset costs have certainly had an impact on the number of people who are happy to put down pre-orders, something that Carphone Warehouse is fully aware of. Still, in the face of adversity the company promised to usher in the return of the “urge to upgrade”, meaning that it’s very likely that Carphone Warehouse could drop some crazy deals on Friday morning. Stay tuned to find out more.
Carphone Warehouse has collected some fantastic deals on low-cost, low-data contracts, including one through iD Mobile that nabs you 2GB for only £39.99 a month and £249.99 upfront. Be sure to act fast as that particular offer is touted as one of the most popular listed on the company’s website.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 2GB, £39.99/month with £249.99 upfront on iD Mobile
iPhone XS Pre-order: 100GB, £60/month with £199.99 upfront on O2

Best iPhone XS Pre-order Deals – has come through once again to offer some jaw-dropping deals on the iPhone XS, giving you great value for money regardless of which level of data you go in for. However, the one we think you’ll be most interested in also happens to be an exclusive offer through Trusted Reviews, granting you 10GB of data for the low cost of £40 a month and £350 upfront – now that’s value that can’t be beat.

iPhone XS Pre-order: 10GB, £40/month with £350 upfront on O2 (Trusted Reviews Exclusive)
iPhone XS Pre-order: 30GB, £46/month with £275 upfront on O2

iPhone XS New Specs and Features

iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR

5.8-inch or 6.5-inch 19.5:9
1124 x 2436 AMOLED
6.1-inch IPS LCD

Apple A12 Bionic
Apple A12 Bionic


Rear camera
Dual 12 megapixels
Single 12 megapixels

Front camera
7 megapixels
7 megapixels


iOS 12
iOS 12


The iPhone XS may look like last year’s iPhone X but it now comes in gold… in truth, there are actually a wealth of new features onboard to render this the best and brightest of Apple in a smartphone. At the heart of the XS lies the new A12 Bionic processor; it offers a 15% performance improvement over last year’s A11 Bionic chip and paired with iOS 12 promises app load times that are 30% faster. The dual OIS-laden 12-megapixel rear camera now lets you adjust the amount of background bokeh after the fact, letting you adjust the virtual aperture from f/16 all the way out to f/1.4. The XS also promises better battery life than its predecessor and faster FaceID unlock too.

How much data do you need?
Here’s a question that with determine which plan you go with more than any other. Higher data contracts will take a toll on the price you pay either upfront or on a monthly basis, but whichever it is, the surplus will be there. Luckily for most of us however, if you’re a casual social media user (like myself), then there’s no need to worry about consuming too much data.
Social media platforms have been optimised to consume very low amounts of data, meaning that you’ll be perfectly content with a monthly allowance of between 4-8GB. If you’re the type of person to go one step beyond (watching Netflix during work meetings totally counts) then you’ll need something in the 20-40GB range.
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